Data Strategy and Architecture Design

Our team of senior data architects lead cloud data strategy and cloud-native data architecture design based on client's enterprise data strategy and industry trends.

Data Integration and Data Engineering

Before being consumed by analytics or downstream applications, source system data needs to be prepared such as cleansing, filtering, merging, transforming, deriving, or aggregating. Our highly skilled developers design and develop high performing data pipelines using big data or modern data integration tools and automate the data processing activities.

Data Analytics

Looking for business insights from the data gathered in its data lake or data warehouse, our clients need visualization tools or analytics to highlight the trends or findings that provide consolidated or interactive views of the data. Our developers build interactive scorecards, dashboards, reports and allow deep drilling and other graphical presentation of data.

Cloud Data Integration and Analytics

Our teams build cloud-based data “pipelines” and modern data warehouses based on Azure and AWS cloud platforms. We integrate “on-prem” and cloud-based data using cloud-enabled data integration tools or iPaaS/DaaS from 3rd party vendors.